We are working toward the development of a fully accredited three-year Bachelor’s in Christian Theology and Ministry. This is a “hybrid” Persian-language program, that trains students through a blend of Online Classes and Tutoring, week-long Formation Conferences, and a robust Mentoring and Ministerial Practice scheme.

We are currently offering the first two years of the Bachelor program, i.e. the Diploma qualification. The third and final year of the bachelor program is in production and not yet ready for release. We will offer the third-year program as soon as it is ready so that students who complete the first two years can continue for another year to complete the full Bachelors.


2-Year Diploma in Christian Theology & Ministry (120 credits)

This programme consists of 120 ECTS. Its purpose is to form and shape students into biblically grounded, theologically informed and spiritually mature leaders who have grown in their love for and knowledge of God, themselves, the church and the world, and have started to develop the habits and skills that enables them to practice that love in their personal, communal and ministerial life.



Foundational Modules

F101 – Induction to Pars (0)*

F106 – A Survey of the New Testament (6)

F107 – A Survey of the Old Testament (6)

F105 – A Survey of the Christian Doctrines (6)

F102 – Foundations of Holistic Formation (4)*

F103 – Essentials of Holistic Formation (4)

F104 – Practices of Holistic Formation (4)


Core Modules

C111 – The Grand Story of Salvation (3)

C108 – How to Understand & Apply the Bible (6)

C109 – Church History I (4)

C110 – Church History II (3)

C217 – Introduction to Missions (5)

C219 – The Triune God (5)*

C224 – Ministry and Teaching of Jesus (5)

C222 – Christian Ethics (5)

C232 – The Church: Its Nature, Structure and Ministry (5)

C225 – The Gospel of John (5)

C221 – Corinthians (4)*

C220 – The Torah (4)*

C241 – OT Psalms & Wisdom (4)*

C228 – History of the Church in Iran (4)

C223 – Christian Worldview (5)

C116 – Christian Marriage and Family (5)

C239 – An Introduction to Islam & Muslim – Christian Relations (5)*

Electives (Ministerial Studies)

E115 – Servant Leadership I (4)

E234 – Servant Leadership II (4)

E235 – Servant Leadership III (3)*

E114 – Christian Counselling (5)

E227 – Crisis and Trauma Counselling (5)

E240 – Counselling for Addiction and Abuse (4)

E233 – Principles of Teaching (5)

E230 – Introduction to Mentoring and Coaching (3)

E236 – Pastoral Ministries (5)

E237 – Principles of Preaching (3)*

Electives (Missional Studies)

E113 – The Persecuted Church (5)

E112 – Apologetics in an Islamic Context (5)

Non-online Courses

Fa400 – Farsi for Theology & Ministry (3)*

En400 – English for Theology & Ministry (3)*

In400 – Integrative Project (1-3)*

Cn400 – Formation Conferences (2-6, see below)

Mn400 – Mentored Growth & Development (1-3)

Pr400 – Ministerial Practice & Reflection (3-9)

The students should take all the Foundational modules (28 credits) and at least 42 credits from the Core modules which should include C108-111, C219, C220, C224, C241, plus at least 20 (but not more than 30) from the non-video modules, and the rest from the Electives.