shagerd001Pars’ magazine, Shagerd or Disciple, launched in March 2015 aims at:

  • Providing quality devotional reading that would meet the spiritual needs of Persian-speaking Christian leaders and help them grow in their relationship with God, their colleagues, and those they serve
  • Addressing specific problems, challenges, and pitfalls that Christian leaders face in their leadership work
  • Applying a Biblical worldview to issues that Persian-speaking Christian leaders face in their sphere of influence
  • Addressing today’s ethical, social and political issues which affect the Iranian society from the standpoint of a Christian worldview
  • Engaging thinking Persian-speakers by addressing ethical, philosophical, socio-political and religious issues they are grappling with in today’s Iran and the Iranian Diaspora


The magazine is planned to contain the following sections:

  • A devotional
  • An article on leadership issues
  • A book review
  • An article on a biblical or theological topic/theme/problem
  • An article addressing an ethical, social or political issue affecting Iranians inside the country or in the Diaspora
  • A piece of writing from a young/emerging leader


Rev. Robert Aserian

Chief Editor

Hussein Amiri

Layout & Graphic Designer

Mojdeh Maghen

Assistant Editor

Reza Parmour