Academic Faculty


Rev. Dr. Mehrdad Fatehi – Ph.D. London School of Theology (New Testament Studies & Systematic Theology)

Members of Academic Board

Rev. Robert Asirsians – M.A. University of Tehran (Psychology & Counselling, Spiritual Formation)

Rev. Dr. Sasan Tavassoli – Ph. D. University of Birmingham (Islamic Studies, Practical Theology & Missions)

Dr. Mariet Mikaelian – Ph.D. Biola University
(Head of Curriculum Development, Christian Education)

Rev. Saro Khachikian – M.A. Fuller Theological Seminary (Pastoral Theology and New Testament)

Miss. Shadi Fatehi – M.A. University of St Andrews (Systematic Theology, Ethics & Philosophy)

Rev. Sargez Benyamin – Ph.D. Candidate TMI (Church History)

Other Course Directors

Dr. Gabi Markusse – Ph.D. University of Manchester (New Testament Studies)

Fr. Dr. Keyvan Cyrus – Ph.D. King’s College London (Systematic and Historical Theology)

Rev. Dr. Roy Oksnevad – Trinity International University (Missiology and Ecclesiology)

Rev. Edward Hovsepian-mehr
(Pastoral Ministries, Christian Leadership)

Rev. Mansour Borji – London School of Theology
(Ethics, Christian Leadership)

Ms. Rima Minassian – M.A. London School of Theology (Counselling and Psychotherapy)

Dr. Ashkan Amlashi – Ph.D. Fuller Theological Seminary (Psychology and Counselling)