School of Theology


The core of Pars is the School that brings THEOLOGICAL EDUCATIOIN, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND SPIRITUAL FORMATION together into one integrated whole. Our hybrid-learning program consists of three interrelated elements:

Multimedia Learning

comprises of a full online BA program of biblical, theological and ministerial learning in Persian, made available through an innovative online student portal and other media devices. Each lesson includes discussions, reflection questions and assignments, encouraging both individual and group learning. Each student is part of a learning community consisting of 5 or more students who study together under the supervision of a mentor and the helping-hand of a tutor.

Formation Conferences

provide a safe environment for students to gather together for a rich program of devotions, seminars, workshops, discussions, fellowship, prayer and one-to-one mentoring. Here, leaders and emerging leaders process together the highs and lows of their journeys toward Christ-likeness as they prepare to lead others, under the care of faculty.

Church Based Mentoring & Ministry

recognizes that leadership formation cannot rely on a talking head, a computer screen or a textbook. We work closely with local churches and networks to provide mentoring and ministry opportunities for all students in their natural context and mission field. This means students do not grow purely in head-knowledge, but are exposed to the kind of shepherding that we hope will mark each of them.