We are delighted to announce the arrival of the newest member of our faculty, Reverend Robert Aserian. Robert, together with his dear family, moved to the UK earlier this month to join hands with the Pars team in serving the leaders of the Persian-speaking Church.

Robert, the former director of the AOG Bible College in Iran, is appointed as Chaplain and Head of Spiritual Formation, as well as Chief Editor of Pars’ quarterly magazine, Shagerd or The Disciple. 

With interests spanning from baroque music to modern literature to continental philosophy, Robert has translated over 25 books in the field of Christian theology, and has a highly extensive background in psychology and systematic theology. We feel so honoured to have Robert here and we are so thankful to the Lord for His provision in bringing him here. We are excited to learn from him and to witness him using the gifts the Lord has graciously bestowed on him toward the building of His church.

Interesting fact: Robert’s translation of Stanley Grenz and Roger G. Olsen’s 20th Century Theology: God & the World in a Transitional Age won the Best Translation Book Award in the field of Religion in 2008.