One way you can partner with us to reach Christian leaders in Iran is by forming a link between your church family and the Iranian church family.

If you are a person who enjoys speaking about God’s mission, if you play an active role in your church community, then maybe you would like to be one of our Ambassadors. This would involve:

• Raising awareness of the growing and persecuted Iranian church and the need to equip its leaders

• Encouraging people to subscribe to the Pars mailing list and pray regularly for Iranian chritian leaders

• Inspire the church family to give (if appropriate) toward the Project 100 Student Scholarship Fund

If this is something you might be interested in, please contact us at info[at]


You may wish to engage your church family with the Iranian church by inviting a Pars Speaker. Our speakers can speak at a dinner party, lead a sermon, a brief pre-sermon information slot, a youth group, a prayer meeting, a seminar or anything similar to fit your requirements, dependent on availability. If you are in the UK or Europe contact us on +44 1895 540973 and/or contact via info[at]