Shadi Fatehi

Shadi was raised in the South-East of England by her Iranian mother, a third-generation believer from a Jewish background, and her Iranian father, a second-generation believer from a Muslim background. She gave her life to Christ when she was four. From an early age, she had many questions about God and the world. So her father introduced her to books by Lewis and Schaeffer, and this grew in her a deep love for theological and philosophical thought.

Shadi moved to Scotland in 2010, and received an MA in Theology and Philosophy from the University of St Andrews four years later. Alongside her studies, she participated in the Chalmers Leadership Institute, and was involved in student ministry at Cornerstone Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Shadi has been serving at Pars for 3 years as their Director of Operations. She is also a member of the Pars Faculty and Academic Board.