Bishop Edward Hovsepian-mehr

A Senior Lecturer and member of Pars’ Board of Directors, Edward Hovsepian-mehr is one of the most senior and highly respected Iranian Christian leaders, with nearly 50 years of fruitful Christian ministry in Iran and the Iranian Diaspora.

He is an Iranian-Armenian who became a follower of Christ as a young teenager, and entered into full-time ministry in his late teens. For years, he served as a Pastor in various cities across Iran, and following the martyrdom of his brother Haik in 1994, Edward became the Superintendent of the AOG churches in Iran. He moved to the UK in 2003 and is currently the Senior Pastor of the Iranian Church in North London and the Superintendent of the Council of United Iranian Churches (Hamgaam) in the UK & Europe. He has written two books in Farsi, one on Pastoral Ministries and the other on Christian Marriage and Family.