Production of Online BA Classes

Pars is working towards producing a full Persian-language BA in Theology and Leadership. Till now we have completed the production of 21 courses (about 55 credit hours), just over what we need for the first year of the degree program. Our aim is to complete the production of at least the second year by 2019.

Our courses are designed to serve students actively engaged in transformative ministry in Iran and the Iranian diaspora. Through watching the video lectures, participating in webinars, responding to learning activities and writing theological reflections, students are challenged to engage in a dialogue between the Biblical text and their own context, and to bring together what they are learning in their classes with what they are learning through their ministries. In this way, both text (the class) and context (their ministry) are working together to help them develop as leaders.


Very little Christian literature is available in the Persian language, Farsi. One of Pars’ important initiatives is to translate, print and publish carefully selected books on Theology, Bible, Church, Leadership, Discipleship and Missions. These will be used in our School, but will also be available to the wider Iranian community. We also encourage our lecturers to write their own books, based on the classes they teach. Without these books, we cannot train leaders.

Shagerd Magazine

Shagerd (or ‘The Disciple’ in English) is a magazine on Christian Worldview that provides stimulating written material on what a Christ-centered life looks like in today’s Iran and the Iranian Diaspora, and in doing so, advances an active conversation between Christianity and the Iranian society and culture.

Through a variety of articles, book reviews, devotionals and interviews, written by Iranians, Shagerd portrays a beautiful picture of how the Gospel speaks into all matters of daily life — from the home and the church, to the market place, to the gym, the lab and the classroom. It also addresses ethical, philosophical, socio-political, cultural and religious issues arising in Iran and among the Iranian Christian community at large. Through Shagerd we want to engage the housewife, the physician, the lawyer, the minister, the university student, the athlete and more!

Shagerd is made available both in digital and print form.

Shagerd TV

We believe Pars is in a unique position to produce TV programs that intentionally target a wider audience. Our mission is to provide in-depth biblical, theological and discipleship training to the whole Iranian church. We do this indirectly through training leaders who can teach. But we have within our team some of the most qualified and experienced teachers who can do it also directly by giving a fraction of their time to produce wider audience programs.

As a starting point, we have planned to produce a TV program linked to our magazine, Shagerd (“The Disciple”). This will have an informal table-talk format, using some of the articles in the magazine as topics for conversation.

Iranian Leaders Forum

The ILF is a bi-anual gathering that exists to equip and mobilize participants to respond prophetically and faithfully to the opportunities and challenges arising out of the Persian-speaking world, and empowering them in their role as change agents in society. The forums combine high quality presentations, with first-hand testimonies, pastoral responses, practical workshops, and opportunities for all participants to engage in robust discussion. Moreover, they include times for prayer, worship, fellowship and biblical reflection.

The main goals of ILF are as follows:

  1. Identifying and evaluating the major challenges and opportunities in the Persian-speaking church and society, and exploring Christ-like responses;
  2. Catalyzing a spirit of unity and strengthening the incentive for partnership and collaboration among established and emerging leaders and change agents inside Iran and out;
  3. Working towards a clearer understanding of the contribution of the leaders residing outside the country towards the strengthening of the church and its leaders in Iran;
  4. Encouraging mentor relationships between emerging and established leaders and change-agents in the field.

Centre for Christian Counseling

The Centre for Christian Counseling serves to bring hope and healing to the stories of many living in Iran and in the Diaspora. For more information, click here.