We aim to be an institution that will not be influenced by the divisions of the church in the west, but will put the emphasis on what all have in common and brings all together. We aim to present the different traditions with fairness, and will cater for specific denominational needs and emphases through elective courses.


We believe that theological education should be based on a thoroughly biblical understanding of theological education rather than on current fashions, secular trends or sterile traditions.

Integrative & Holistic

Our program combines spiritual, practical & academic objectives in one holistic and integrated educational approach. This informs our approach at all levels, from curriculum design to every course and written resource.


The school curriculum is designed with deliberate reference to the context of today’s church in Iran (and other Persian-speaking countries) and/or Persian-speaking church community in the Diaspora. The religious context, the recent history, the moral, economic and political crisis of the country, as well as the present condition of the church and her needs, will constantly be in view and inform Pars’ educational methods.

In and through and for the Church

We believe spiritual formation & ministerial skills do not develop by attending a class or sitting in front of a computer screen. They can be catered for only by the help of churches, cell groups, mentors and pastors who are involved, in an integrated way, in the training of the students. As a result, our program of education will work in cooperation with Church and its experienced workers in the field.