The overall mission of Pars is to strengthen the foundations of the Persian-speaking Church.


Since the Revolution of 1979, more Persian-speakers have become Christians than in the previous 1,300 years put together. God is pouring His grace upon the region in a remarkable way and the result is a thriving house church movement that is growing amid great persecution.
As we celebrate this growth, we also acknowledge the tremendous need to invest in the leadership development and theological education of the emerging leaders who are at the frontline of this great movement.


The vision of Pars is a Persian church with strong foundations, led by leaders who faithfully learn Christ, live Christ and make disciples for Christ.


To meet our vision, we seek to:

  • Train leaders with a Biblical, Theological & Ministerial Education fully in Persian
  • Catalyse collaboration and partnership among leaders through the Pars Leadership Forum
  • Create an Online Persian Theological Resource Centre
  • Engage emergent leaders through a quarterly Magazine, “The Disciple”
  • Publish a Persian Theological Journal
  • Organise annual Theological Conferences
  • Facilitate Advanced Theological Studies
  • Encourage indigenous theological thinking and writing