School of Theology

Pars School of Theology operates within the framework of a full leadership formation program in which the aim is not merely at delivering information, but to pursue the formation of every leader’s character and spirituality. This is why Pars’ educational system includes the three complementary elements of (i) Multimedia learning, (ii) Formation conferences and (iii) Church-based Mentoring & Ministry. Through the combination of these three elements, Pars aims to provide students with a holistic and integrated theological education that is academically excellent, spiritually renewing, and ministerially effective.

Leadership Forum

The Pars Leadership Forum seeks to encourage and catalyse collaboration and partnership between emerging and established leaders of the Persian-speaking Church. It intends to be a platform for identifying common needs and finding the resources to meet them together and also a space where opportunities for forming mentoring relationships and accountability partners are provided.

Magazine & Resources

There is a pressing need for quality resources that can be used by Pars School of Theology and distributed and broadcasted widely to the Persian-speaking Christian community on satellite TV and the Internet.

Main resources include video lectures, study guides, work booklets, Persian written/translated textbooks and the quarterly magazine, Shagerd or Disciple.

TV Broadcasting

Pars’ lectures (all in Persian) are broadcast to Iran and other Persian-speaking countries through Satellite TV Channels, Sat 7 Pars and Mohabat-CBN TV for 14 hours a week. This means lectures are being accessed not only by our students who are committed to a serious program of education, but are watched on the screens of millions of Persian-speakers who are thirsty for truth and Bible teaching. So far Pars has broadcasted video lectures from 8 of its courses.

Annual Theological Conferences

Annual conferences provide a platform for discussion among Persian-speaking theologians and Bible teachers.